A Little Bit of Don Winslow News

First off, his new book, CITY ON FIRE, which was supposed to be released this fall, is now scheduled to be published on April 26, 2022. Don was the one who requested a delay. He wants to have an in-person signing tour, which is not practical right now with the spread of the Delta variant of Covid-19. He misses that interaction with the fans.

The other bit of “news” is something I read today in the Sleuth of Baker Street bookstore newsletter. Co-owner J. D. Singh made this impassioned plea for his customers to read Don Winslow’s last book: “DON WINSLOW is an amazing writer and his most recent offering, BROKEN
is not to be missed. I know, I know, everybody wants full length novels, not novellas,
nor short stories, and I get it, but if you pass up this collection of six novellas, I will not
like you very much. I mean it.
Besides, dollars to doughnuts, each of these six gems is
likely longer than anything Robert B. Parker ever wrote, on a word-for-word basis,
and you couldn’t wait to read his new one! “The San Diego Zoo”, dedicated to Mr.
Elmore Leonard, is the funniest 60-page story you’ll have the good fortune to read.
Remember Neal Carey, the English lit grad student, the protagonist in the first five
books that Winslow wrote, way back in the early ’90s? Neal’s been MIA since—why
they have never been re-printed is the crime of the century if you ask me—but Prof.
Neal Carey, Univ. of California, San Diego, makes a delightful appearance in “Sunset.”
That one is dedicated to Mr. Raymond Chandler. Remember Boone Daniels from THE DAWN PATROL (#1) $22.95)? He’s here as well. And, the gang from SAVAGES, Ben,
Chon and O, makes an appearance in “Paradise.” This is a delight. I’m planning on re-
reading these, something I rarely do.”

I certainly don’t want to incur J. D.’s ire, so I better get around to reading this “gem” of a book. G. Easter