Glasses & Mask in Vintage Paperback Art

This short series of four books published in the 1990s focused on eye coverings, which I thought was very creative on the artist’s part. I’m not sure what he/she was trying to portray but the use of color and illustration has a dramatic effect on me. It sure makes me sit up and notice the covers. The books are all by the esteemed British author Michael Gilbert.

And while we are on the subject of glasses, one more not from this series.

DP Contributor Jeff Popple has come up with a few of his own choosing and he has posted them on his blog at:

And DP Contributor Mike Ripley has sent me a cover that used his very own photograph. He called it SPECtacular:

Karen Bevers suggested the modern “kindle” covers for the books of Baynard Kendrick. Here are a few examples. For more, look up his name on

I like the reflection in the glasses