Vintage Paperbacks — Great Titles

“Great” might be hyperbole, but here are some unusual vintage paperback titles that I hope bring a smile to your face. There has been a lot of positive feedback to this series of vintage paperback posts. Thanks for that.

I’m sure there will be some that agree.

“Hey, wait a minute, I thought you just told me …”

Great juxtaposition of title with illustration of hypocrisy

Personally, I prefer living

The shadow doesn’t seem to like what it’s seeing.

My mom taught me to never gamble.

Not a vintage cover, but clever title when put together with the vibrant cover illustration.

Neither option sounds good to me, but opinions may differ.

I would like to learn her trick.
Interesting burial clothing don’t you think?

This is not a great title.
Even I could come up with a better title than this!

She looks pretty much the “same” to me.

I think the same should hold true even after Christmas.

“I wouldn’t think of it, dear!”

“Honey, you just tell me when this feels right, o.k. ?”

“O.k., o.k., just as soon as they stop shooting!”

“I really hate it when He does that!”

“Gee, I never would have expected that from looking at his picture.”

“Did I get the spelling right?”