Craving Some Good Australian Crime Fiction?

Craving Some Good Australian Crime Fiction?

DP’s Australian correspondent, Jeff Popple, has come up with Ten Outstanding New Australian Crime Novels that he recommends. When I worked with Jeff on the cover article for DP #86 on Australian Crime Fiction (see the free sample offer for that issue to the right of this screen), it really whetted my appetite for more. If you are like me, here are some excellent choices to consider now and in the future. I’ve already read and enjoyed CONSOLATION, THE HUNTED and THE SURVIVORS. Next up for me is TRUST by Chris Hammer.

You can find Jeff’s complete article (with plot descriptions and cover art) here:

  1. CONSOLATION by Garry Disher
  2. THE HUNTED by Gabriel Bergmoser – to be published in U.S. in July, 2021
  3. THE SHIFTING LANDSCAPE by Katherine Kovacic
  4. SHORE LEAVE by David Whish-Wilson
  5. THE BLUFFS by Kyle Perry
  6. THE SURVIVORS by Jane Harper – to be published in U.S. on February 2, 2021
  7. TRUST by Chris Hammer
  8. EITHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT by Benjamin Stevenson
  9. TELL ME LIES by J. P. Pomare
  10. DEAD MAN’S TRACK, Sarah Barrie

Some of these titles may be difficult to get in the U.S. My go-to source for Australian crime fiction is The Book Depository (, which is owned by It has most of these titles listed.

Some titles may be pricey, but shipping is free. If you are a Kindle reader, you’re in luck as many of the titles are found for very reasonable prices. Check them out on so that you get ones that work on your U.S. Kindle.