Welcome L J Roberts — Reviewer for DP Mystery Magazine

Welcome L J to the ranks of Deadly Pleasures reviewers. We are so glad to have you.

About L J Roberts in her own words:

“Was there a time when I did not read? If there was, I don’t remember it, with my reading covering the range of genres. However, my one constant love has always been mysteries.

I joined the DorothyL email group early on with the “Nom de Clavier,” or typewriter name, of “The Honorable Phryne Fisher,” and started writing snippet reviews, mainly so I would remember who and what I liked. Those grew in length and notice until I was asked by Barbara Peters of Poisoned Pen Books to review their books. From 2003-2006, I then evaluated manuscripts using Robert Rosenwald’s list of nine elements to consider.

In January 1994, I established the East Bay Mystery Readers’ Group (ebmrg.org), and in 2009, created the review site LJ’s Mystery Reviews—It is purely my opinion (booksaremagic.blogspot.com).

Things snowballed and I contributed reviews to
– 2010-2012 the Australian subscription newsletter, Calamity’s Corner,

– 2010-2014 for Sally Powers’ e-newsletter I Love a Mystery,

– 2011 was a paid reviewer for The Strand Magazine, and on-going associations with

– 2006 Steve Lewis’ Mystery*File

– 2010 Janet Rudolph’s magazine Mystery Readers’ Journal

I also have a reviews email distribution list of several hundred people, post to several mystery sites on Facebook, have over 3,000 reviews on GoodReads, and am delighted to be a part of Deadly Pleasures Online Mystery Magazine. Oh, and I crochet for charity.”