Good Ol’ Days via Vintage Paperback Art — A Game

Let’s play a game. You will see a number of vintage paperback mystery covers below. See if you can identify something in each cover that you don’t see anymore. Each cover is numbered and the answers are at the end of the post. This game shouldn’t be too tough for my generation, but I wonder how the current generation would fare. Show your kids and grandkids and see how they do.









































1 Blackjack

2 Lined stocking. Shoes would probably be quite fashionable today

3 Uniformed chauffeur and rear car door opening in opposite way

4 Audio cassette tape

5 Cigarette case with mirror

6 Fishnet veil; Cigarette girl

7 Cigarette in cigarette holder; man’s hat

8 Cigarette holder and ermine fur stole

9 Old PC desk computer with floppy disc drive

10 Very cool red roadster

11 Evening gloves

12 Everything: pilot in pilot’s uniform; explorer with pith helmet; girl’s outfit; huge frog

13 Facial net and hat

14 Fishnet stockings

15 Camera with flashbulb attachment

16 Stewardess hat and a stewardess that looks like this one

17 Woman smoking

18 Woman smoking in a hotel, hat box (luggage), bell hop uniform, man’s hat; the “swell looking girl” in the title not term used today

19 Ice pick

20 Old fashioned keyhole and key

21 Old fashioned cigarette lighter

22 Leopard skin coat, gloves, man’s hat
23 I thought it was a Luger, but Mike Ripley correctly pointed out that it was a Walther P-38

24 Mink coat

25 Newspaper EXTRA, man’s hat, old camera and lighting, stockings

26 Old Plymouth or Dodge car, girl’s outfit with hat, gloves and purse

27 Old TV, basketball players on tv in short short pants

28 Rumble seat in car

29 Seance (at least I think this is a thing of the past)

30 Spats (shoe covering)

31 Art deco-ish steering wheel (very cool)

32 Stockings and garter belt, old car and truck

33 Stockings and garter

34 Stockings and garter (a popular theme back then)

35 Stockings and garter (I told you it was popular)

36 Package wrapped in paper and string, light by candle

37 Old telephone

38 Steamer Trunk

39 Upraised collar on blouse; man smoking indoors, typewriter