Meet Ryan Steck, the Real Book Spy

Ryan Steck

If you read the cover article in the latest issue of DP about thrillers and thriller writing, you will have noticed at least a couple of mentions of Ryan Steck and his wonderful website The Real Book Spy, which is the go-to site about current news and reviews of thriller novels and their authors. I paid a visit this afternoon and saw a mention of a video interview with Ryan (whom I have never met) by a group called the Crew Reviews. I watched the marvelous interview which lasted over an hour, but seemed a lot less and immediately thought this is something that needs to be shared with my DP readership. You can watch the full interview on Youtube, on iTunes, or through any of these the Crew Reviews website:

This was a double bonus for me because it was also an introduction to The Crew Reviews who do an amazing job of interviewing. I’ll be going back to watch some of their other interviews shortly. Interviews with Jack Carr, Nick Petrie, Brad Meltzer, Mindy Mejia, Marc Cameron, Bob Crais, Don Bentley, C.j. Box, Ted Bell, Mark Greaney, Stephen Hunter, David Morrell, Greg Hurwitz, Christine Carbo, Brad Taylor, Chris Hauty and Kyle Mills are some of the interviews you have at your fingertips. A great way to pass the pandemic shutdown time. Enjoy.