New Adrian McKinty — Sean Duffy Novel Out in Fall of 2021

The Detective Up Late by Adrian McKinty

It’s funny how things turn out. Adrian McKinty has written six superb novels about a Catholic detective, Sean Duffy, surviving in the predominantly Protestant Royal Ulster Constabulary in Belfast. They were well-received and here on CFL we loved them, but they missed out on the glory they deserved. About to give up on crime fiction, McKinty decided to have a crack at writing a mainstream thriller set in the US. The Chain hit the big time, winning awards galore and landing a movie deal with Paramount. Now another Duffy novel is ready – and we can’t wait. The Detective Up Late was delayed while the author struggled to find a publisher for it, and once he did, it was put back again in 2020 due to the pandemic. It should hit the shelves in October. Having begun in the early ’80s, the series swings into the ’90s and while a Unionist gang called the Shankill Butchers is terrorising Belfast with an escalating sequence of brutal murders, Duffy is investigating the disappearance of a 15-year-old girl from a trailer park. In amongst interviewing creepy middle-aged men, he’s in touch with British Intelligence via an unpredictable triple-agent. This is the seventh novel in what was intended to be a trilogy… It’s funny how things turn out. (Image shown not the actual cover.) From the Crime Fiction Lover Website: